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ARIZONA: Parental Kidnapping, Police Interference, and Judicial Misconduct

Bear with me as this is a very long story. My rights are being violated and the Police Department and the Arizona Family Court System are complicit. The judge himself has mishandled this case, abused his discretion, and acted outside his scope as a Family Court Judge by interfering in the police decisions.

7 years and 7 days ago. My children were taken.

I had taken the day off work to situate a new daycare provider for my kids. Being a mother of a four year old and a two year old had its good days and its’ not so good ones. Thankfully the day was a good one. No meltdowns, no tantrums. We had a playdate at the playground across the street followed by lunch and then naptime. I had told my daughter after naptime that we would do chores. She loved helping me clean (she would grow out of that). She woke up first all bright-eyed and ready to work. I said in a few minutes. My son had stumbled downstairs half-awake and was in one of those rare moods where he cuddled quietly in my lap. He rarely sat still, and never let anyone hold him. I had to enjoy it while it lasted. Finally, I sat up and said okay, let’s clean. We did the dishes from lunch and folded laundry while watching “Blue Clues”. My daughter suggested cleaning my room next. It was usually neglected as I spent most of my time keeping the rest of the house in order.

The doorbell rang. I answered the door. There were two police officers standing there. They said they were there to serve me with some paperwork and asked to come in. I stepped aside and allowed them to enter. They said they had some custody paperwork. They explained that my children’s dad had filed for sole custody and there would be a court hearing. I said, “Okay, so I just need to appear at the hearing?” They said, ”Well, not exactly.” The officers explained that the children’s dad and my own mother had testified that I was planning on fleeing the state with the children and cutting off all contact with the Father and so he was granted Emergency Custody. The police officer apologized, but he said that he would need to take my children right now.

Two hours later I sat on my living room couch in utter shock trying to explain to my fiancé what had happened. I couldn’t even cry. My children were gone.

Sometimes, at night I would sneak out of bed after my fiancé fell asleep. I would creep upstairs to my daughter’s room and climb into her bed. Her room was just as she had left it. It looked like at any moment she would walk in the door and resume playing with her Dora the Explorer castle. The worst was coming home through the front door to an empty house instead of the delighted cries of my kids as they ran down the stairs and clung to my legs yelling “Mommy Mommy! You’re home!” I started coming in through the garage instead. My fiancé tried everything to cheer me up. He even rearranged the furniture so the house wouldn’t look the same. Still, I felt as if a part of me was dead and that my children died. I felt like a stranger in my own body. I wondered if I would ever be the same again. I felt guilty because part of me had wished that my children had died, because then there would have been some type of closure. A funeral. I could say goodbye. I could tell myself they were in a better place. I would get bereavement leave from work. My friends and family would offer help and express their condolences.

Instead, I lost my family and friends, every last one. I had no one to rally around me and help me fight the “big bad ex”. They all assumed that if the police took my kids, well then I must have deserved it. It didn’t help that my own mother helped him take my kids. I must have done something wrong. I was judged and ostracized. I was laid off from my job as my performance suffered, my home was foreclosed on. Three months later, my fiancé was offered a job with a company in Fort Worth, Texas so I moved with him. I remember a few weeks after our move to Texas I was doing the laundry and a tiny sock fell out onto the floor. I lost it. For the first time since they had been taken, I cried. I thought I would never stop.

By moving to Texas, I hoped that maybe the change of scenery and lack of everyday reminders of my children would help me heal. Over time, it did. I still missed my children every single day. I would spend days imagining what they would say if they saw this and that, having little conversations with them in my head. Eventually, slowly, I began to feel like a person again. The move and my fiancé saved my life. We were married six months later.

How does this happen? In 2008, I was a single mother with sole custody who was never married to the children’s father. I owned my own home, maintained a salary well above minimum wage. I had good credit and a clean background. I had to, I worked in finance. I had never had so much as a parking ticket. I never experimented with drugs of any kind in high school or college. I rarely even drank alcoholic beverages. I had never smoked a cigarette. I never tried to keep my children from their Father. In fact, I never called the police or reported any of his abuse while we were together because I didn’t want to take my children’s Father from them. And yet, police had come into my home and taken my children from me.

Legal Stuff (About the Case):

After my ex and I broke up in early 2007, I offered to file for Joint Custody by Agreement with a very generous visitation plan, basically offering my children’s Father 50/50 custody of our two children. He refused to sign stating that if I filed anything in court they would come after him for child support since he hadn’t helped financially since my daughter was born (4 years prior). He claimed it was my way to get money out of him so he wouldn’t do it. I told him that according to the state of Arizona because we were never married, he had no parenting rights or visitation unless it was established in court and it was my way of showing that I wanted to keep him in the children’s lives even though things didn’t work out between us. He still refused. He said, “Let’s just do every other weekend and leave it at that.”

A year later, he filed for Emergency Custody of our children and it was granted as he was claiming my new fiancé was “abusive” and that we were planning on moving out of state with the children. He claimed I had cut off all contact with him (even though he had just had them for his weekend visitation and dropped them off at my home two days before). He also stated in his petition that he had been the “primary care giver” for the children. My own Mother went with him and helped him.

His petition was granted on February 26, 2008 and police showed up at my home and took my children.

Three months after my children were taken, my fiancé was offered a great job. The only catch was that we would have to relocate to Texas. I knew this would further complicate my custody case. I saw the parenting plan my children’s Father had submitted with his petition for sole custody and it would have been the same one I would have offered him if I were able to relocate with my children. Rather than put my children through an ugly custody battle that I could not afford, I make a very difficult decision. I did not contest my children’s Father’s petition for custody. In my mind it was only fair since I was moving, to allow him to keep the children if he wanted and accept my visitation. The custody hearing date was scheduled for a month after my fiancé and I moved. I was scheduled to start my new job the same week and did not want to jeopardize my chance at my new company by requesting time off as I was starting as a contract employee. Additionally, the cost of relocation had drastically affected my already depleted financial resources. I could not afford a trip back to Arizona. I was not able to appear at the hearing.

I received the default alternating weekends, holiday/summer visitation, but once their dad was awarded sole custody he changed his phone number and I was not allowed any contact with my children. I would send gifts for every birthday and Christmas. I did eventually get joint custody in 2012 and he allowed my daughter to live with me and my husband because she told her teacher he and his new wife abused her and CPS was called. CPS attempted to investigate, but eventually closed the case as unsubstantiated because my daughter was no longer living with her dad. CPS did however cite many concerns as to my children’s Father and wife’s parenting expectations and possible behavioral/mental issues with my daughter. These issues my husband and I experienced first hand when my daughter came to live with my husband and I in Texas. Though he was court ordered to do so, my children's Father did not provide a health insurance card. I was therefore unable to seek any medical treatment or counseling for her.

When my daughter came to live with my husband and I in Texas she was a very troubled child. She displayed all of the behavior indicators of an emotionally (and possibly physically) abused child. She lied so much it was near pathological. Even about the most inconsequential things. She would have tantrums like a two-year old. She had trouble socializing. She had friends at school, but wasn’t interested in playing with friends outside of school. We experienced a roller coaster of behavior extremes. She had very poor self-image due to her father always criticizing her looks (because she looks like me). She is especially self-conscious about her hair which I know her Father criticized her harshly about. I consulted with a few behavioral therapists, but her Father refused to provide me a health insurance card for her and I could not afford to pay out of pocket for my daughter to see one regularly. Even if we could have afforded it, I needed her Father's consent as all medical decisions were to be made jointly. He would never consent. My husband and I worked with my daughter the best we could and after 2 years, she was improving remarkably. She was like a different child. Her emotional outbursts were few and far between. She rarely lied. With a lot of encouragement from my husband and me, she was slowly starting to make friends and even play with neighborhood kids after school. She became very close with my husband. She adored him and he loved her as if she were his own daughter.

In spite of having joint custody of both children, the only visitation I have had with my son in the last 7 years was when I would go to Arizona to drop my daughter off at her dad’s for the summer. During the time their dad had sole custody, he allowed me no visitation or contact with my children in spite of the court ordered visitation I received (and that he filed) when his petition for custody was granted.

This past summer my daughter went to visit her dad and for the first time, her father had agreed to let my son return with me to Texas when I picked up my daughter. On July 10th, 2014, I arrived in Arizona to pick up the children from their dad’s house. Not only did their dad refuse to let me bring my son home with me to Texas to visit (again), he refused to let my daughter return home as well. I called the police. I spoke with them and showed them my custody paperwork. They said he is in violation and at the very least they will help me get my daughter or else he will be charged for “custodial interference” (parental kidnapping). This never happened. They said it was a civil issue and refused to get involved. The police who would happily remove my children from me when they had a court order, refused enforce a court order to give them back to me 6 years later! I was forced to return to Texas without her.

I sought justice from the court system by filing a petition to enforce my custody orders. In my petition I listed 6 very specific portions of the custody orders that have been violated by my children’s father including denial of ALL of my visitation with my son for the past 6 years. I received a court date for August 29th where I would be able to present my evidence, hoping a judge would force their dad to allow me visitation with my son. According to the Arizona custody law, the judge is supposed to hold a hearing for petitions regarding violation of custody orders within 25 days. But my hearing was cancelled without a single issue being addressed. Instead, my children’s father hired an attorney, filed for sole custody and got a full day hearing in January 20, 2015 claiming I abuse my daughter. He has taken my children from me AGAIN!

My rights are being violated and the Police Department and the Arizona Family Court System are complicit in allowing my children’s father to break the law by not holding him accountable for his continuous violation of our custody agreement and his abuse of our children.

I was able to obtain a copy of the Police Report. The police repeatedly state that their reasons for refusing to charge the Father with “custodial interference” and force him to return our daughter to me was “there was no change in the current custody arrangement until such a time that there was a court order mandating it.”

The police consistently state in their report they will continue to abide by the “current order”. However the “current order” at the time was the one that specifically stated that our daughter was to live with Mother (me). And I provided this custody order to the police, who still refused to enforce it. Furthermore, I showed police evidence that Father’s Petition for Emergency Custody had been denied stating that the court was satisfied the children will be protected and denied that the children were in any imminent danger as CPS was currently investigating any allegations of abuse.

Furthermore, in documentation I provided to the police, the judge reaffirmed the existing court order and specifically stated that “The last court order was entered on or about September 27, 2012” and in that order “parties stipulated that Father would be the primary residential parent (primary custody) of” son and “Mother would be primary residential parent (primary custody) of” daughter.

Once the police saw this documentation, they should have immediately filed charges against the Father for custodial interference according to Arizona Statues Criminal Code 13-1302 and returned our daughter to my custody. As a result of the police’s refusal to do this, our daughter was in her Father’s custody illegally for almost two months. During this time he continued to coach her to accuse me and my husband of abuse. A child interview was conducted on 9/10/2014. The judge had ordered that neither parent was to tell our daughter anything about the interview as it was to be spontaneous. The interviewer stated in the first paragraph of the report that my daughter “indicated that she had been interviewed by the police and by a Department of Child Safety worker prior to being interviewed by this writer. This made her interview seem somewhat condensed and less spontaneous.” They also mentioned that my daughter showed up to the interview prepared with a list of complaints about my husband and I. In the interviewer’s report, my daughter told the interviewer that her dad suggested she write it. In a hearing the following day, rather than reprimand the Father for discussing the interview with our daughter, the judge granted continued temporary custody to Father and reprimanded me (the Mother) for things my daughter said in the report that were false – and Father admitted during the hearing that they were false.

A court appointed advisor was assigned to represent the children on 9/11/2014. The court appointed advisor did not interview both of our children until December 2014. This allowed their Father three additional months to further coach and prepare the children on what to say. The court appointed advisor’s report is full of discrepancies and she doesn’t even address my daughter’s allegations of abuse against her Father and step-mother or discrepancies in what Father and Stepmother told police, CPS, and then later the court appointed advisor.

In spite of having from 9/11/2014 to conduct interviews and prepare her report, I was not contacted by the court appointed advisor until November 24th, 2014 to schedule an interview. My interview was scheduled on December 8, 2014 and the children were not interviewed until 12/20/2014. Her report did not arrive in sufficient time for the hearing date of 1/20/2015 so the hearing had to be continued until 4/28/2015. That is three additional months spent in limbo because the court appointed advisor procrastinated and did not get her report done in time.

As my case stands right now, despite having more than 600 pages of documents and evidence to support my case, I have been told by other Family Law Experts that I have been consulting with to “prepare for the worst”. I have been warned that no Arizona family court judge is going to send children to live in Texas even though they should have never been removed from my custody in the first place. My daughter has been uprooted from her life in Texas and by the time of the hearing, it will have been 10 months and 6 days since I sent my daughter to her dad’s home for visitation and she has been in his custody. I am told that Arizona family law judges are supposed to consider the “children’s best interest” and that this is how they will justify allowing my daughter to remain in her Father’s custody. I am told that it would not be fair to her to take her out of her school and life in Arizona since she has been there 10 months now.

If this is the outcome of my case then a hostile, abusive, and uncooperative parent will be rewarded. In a way he already has since he kept my daughter against court orders, he has been given custody without cause or a shred of evidence to support his accusations against me. Additionally, I was given no opportunity to present any of my evidence to show he is the one who has been abusing the children and violating the custody orders.


My Petition to Enforce Visitation should have been heard within 25 days (per Arizona Statutes). Police should have enforced my legal custody order according to ARS 13-1302, rather than blow me off claiming it is a “civil matter”. ARS 13 is the criminal code – not the civil one. I escalated this issue all the way up to the Mesa Police Department’s legal department and the commander of the unit. Eventually, they agreed to finally press charges. They contacted the Judge in my case to inform him they would be filing charges. The judge asked them not to. He advised them he would address the issue in the upcoming hearing.

The judge in my case was acting outside of his authority. Custodial interference cases are not handled in family law court. They are handled by the Maricopa County prosecutor in a completely different court as it falls under the criminal code. Furthermore, by speaking directly with police about this issue, the judge in my case became a witness. He could technically be called on to testify about this and therefore should have recused himself from my case.

My next hearing is on April 28, 2015. It is a full day hearing. Finally after 10 months, I will finally be able to present all of the evidence that should have been heard on August 28, 2014. I don’t know what the outcome will be. No matter how the judge rules though, this never should have happened.

~ Persecuted Parent

Florida: My marriage began in 1987 and ended in 2008. We had 2 children, ages 14 and 16 at the time of the divorce. I was an established dentist with a growing practice prior to our meeting and marriage. She did not send me through dental school or build my practice. There was not any abuse, affairs, drugs, or other issues in the marriage. After 19 years of marriage she filed for divorce and went to the most aggressive attorney in our area. Her mother received permanent alimony from her father so she knew how the game was played and how long to stay married. Following division of assets, custody, and child support was alimony. The economy was still good in 2008. She and her attorney asked for $10,000/month in permanent alimony. My attorney said if we went before the judge it could be $12-14,000/month, but I could always come back and modify if my financial circumstances change. I agreed to the $10,000 out of fear of what the judge may have done.
By 2013 the economy had really taken it's toll on my dental practice. I filed for a modification of alimony. My ex-wife now has a significant other, although they maintain two separate residences. In 2013 he gave her a $7,000 engagement ring with no date set. When I filed for modification (11 months after her engagement) she went to her "Family Law Attorney" for advice. Following her visit with her attorney they broke off the engagement, although they maintain the same relationship as before. She then purchased a new 2014 Nissan 350z sports car for $55,000 to increase her "need." She now has $750/month automobile payments. The car is kept at her boyfriend's house.
Many alimony recipients know how to "game" the system. This is just one example. The case is still ongoing.

I post this to inform the public about the current antiquated alimony laws still in existence around the country. This is my alimony horror story. In the no fault divorce state of Florida, the ex had many adulterous affairs with other women (while pregnant with the second and last child) and including her incestuous relationship with her own 20 year old female cousin. She gets rewarded for this and her changed sexual orientation with lifetime alimony by the Hillsborough County Court (Tampa Case No: 05-DR-013627) and I get punished financially. How is this right and just? It certainly isn't and the time to fix such an injustice is now. The duplicity continues and she blogs and writes as well as conducts her day to day life under an assumed last name, only using her legal last name on the driver's license and to cash the hefty checks I write. If you are outraged about this avaricious hypocrite, please get involved to fight the unjust alimony laws around the country. There is no reason why a judge can't order her to return to the workforce. She is a four year university graduate. The children are adults and no longer living in the home. There's no reason why an able bodied, healthy, educated woman can't be instructed by new law and guidelines to fully financially support herself.
The ex filed in the Circuit Court of the 13th Judicial Circuit, in and for Hillsborough County, FL Case No: 13-11991 Division G and on August 21, 2013 the judge ruled for
Order of Dismissal of Temporary Injunction for Protection
"The evidence presented is insufficient under Florida law".
The ex-wife attempted in her demand to muzzle our alimony reform efforts. She even had our 18 year old son testify against me.
Please support alimony reform. Watch the video below.

Pennsylvania: Married in 2002 with sole focus on having a family. Never saw the financial "monster" or behavioral "bait and switch" that came following "I do." After repeated attempts to get our financial situation straightened out (1 bankruptcy, 3 near foreclosures, two refi's, dozen 401k loans), I finally gave up and filed for divorce. Then a side of my wife came out that I never expected. Threats, including death threats from her family, a court system that has dragged out my process over a year and a half, setting a support award without hearing exceptions, throwing me into an enormous legal mess of consequences that when I had my appeal heard, those consequences are still hovering over me. On top of that, an attorney who clearly did not represent me, simply playing the game of the PA Divorce Industry, withholding a critical piece of evidence, that was subpoenad to get, and he had, but would not use it, and when I testified about it, he allowed her attorney to skewer me on the stand for not having an "answer" to the subpoena which my attorney had but did not tell me. So now, for two people with no money, our divorce is heading over $40000 in legal fees, nowhere near final. My support arrears are near $10,000 and I am facing all kinds of legal issues for a woman who just has been malicious from day 1. She has already moved her boyfriend into my house, claims to marry him as soon as the divorce is final. Very well off and clearly padding her finances to be able to continue her attacks at me.

New York: Professor Anthony Pappas, Victim of Nassau County Family Court

Indiana: Humphrey to Brewington, “It’s either the First Amendment or your kids!”

What happened? (was there abuse)
Years of abuse but not the typical kind. parental alienation is a form of abuse and boy was it bad. For several years it was just me and my daughter Medea. Her dad was in and out of the picture until i really wanted to "put my family back together" and got back with him 4 years later. A few months after that i found out i was pregnant with our second and it was a volatile time. Ill be honest there was violence and aggression, but one thing that both he and my other ex always leave out is i always fought back. One time during that pregnancy i had a black and blue eye that no one questioned and neither did i because i hit him back. One month to the day after little David was born he left me for a woman he had met at work. Being as i just had a baby my state of mind wasn't the best and i was very depressed, but very capable of taking care of my children. Only my mental state was questioned by Children & Youth services in Jefferson county Pennsylvania, never any abuse or neglect of my children. I had a new born baby and that requires a lot of care. During one of their checks on me someone claimed i said " now i know Andrea Yates did what she did and i was pressured to admit my self for suicidal thoughts. I did my 72 hour stay, both psychiatrists along with several staff quashed that because of my stance on suicide (sadly enough i established that when i was 10, promising that no one was ever worth it because of being abused by my parents). I would be hospitalized again under the same pretense but stay there longer despite no proven abuse or neglect to my children at the time. Almost immediately after i was discharged they were taken out of mine and the fathers care and placed into foster care for 6 months. I got 2 hour supervised visits with them every 2 weeks during that time. After i completed parenting classes they made me take for no other reason than protocol i was given custody of them. I immediately moved out my apartment that i had at the time even tho it was a 3 bedroom and got a house. For a few months things were going fantastic. My case was about to be closed, everything was looking like they would stay with me forever. Then i made a comment about bonding with my newborn that had essentially been in foster care his whole life because of my insecurities. One week later CYS shows up at my house with my daughter who had been taken out of school with an emergency order giving the father full custody. David was about to turn 1 in 1 week.

Right before they were given to me from foster care i had met someone. His name was Curtis. I would find out 4 months after losing custody of my kids i was pregnant again. I was happy but struggling with the constant custody battle. Filing contempt constantly mainly because Dave would not allow my visits or my phone calls & not take the kids to the doctor even for basic check ups. This went on for years and he always caught a break. There was always a reason to excuse his failure to comply with the court order. Then the sexual abuse allegations started up. The first time i would've never thought this was possibly going to be a recurrent claim. The first time was the summer of 2009 just a week after i had filed for child support since i would have Medea & David for half the summer. I never cared about the money but i was damned if he was going to continue to use Medea's money to continue to support his new family and the girlfriends 3 kids, while he was in and out of jobs. I was restricted to supervised contact again at that point (that he had to agree to when & where it would take place) since the first allegations weren't against me but a cousin of Curtis. as soon as my kids were interviewed case was closed and what little bit of summer i would have with them was gone. That summer i would see them a total of 5 hours, a mere few hours for Medea and David to spend any amount of time with me. We would be back in court again soon as usual. The next few months were hostile and there was lots of fighting, with the small exception of agreeing to give up my Thanksgiving vacation with them and taking the entire, or at least i was led to believe Christmas break. That Thanksgiving break would be spent in labor so it worked out for the best, even though Sebastian would be 3 weeks early. I bring that up because there were times i felt that the best i could do to meet the needs of Medea and David was to give up time with them so i could best take care of myself & my family. I thought of their needs and if i could best meet them, unfortunately this would been seen as a weakness and used against me. The next summer came around and i did the same thing with child support. BOOM! Allegations came up again and I lost the entire summer with them again. This time they were a little different but the specifics were the same. Alleging that they were with the same person (Curtis's Cousin) who was babysitting them. Back to supervised visits again this time with Sebastian in tow, back to a few hours that whole summer for them to see me and their new baby brother. Curtis and Dave couldn't get along to save my life and the hate i had for Gia was still as deep as the day i knew he had left me for her. This is also important to know because of how their relationship had changed after me and Curtis ended and creating room to get all 3 of my children to see each other as long as their was that hatred for me. so after the 2nd time the allegations took place and the investigation was over again my visits were reinstated. sadly enough that Wasnt the last time.

During all these years of custody fighting the relationship with Curtis deteriorated. We fought too a lot, and it was physical. Again it was equal. I'm not using the fact that i am an adult survivor of child abuse but all i saw with my parents was violence and the cycle of abuse, it was all i knew. Thats a very important fact that gets left out. Now those very people who did horrible things to me for years get to have a relationship with my children as long as they hate me, moving to Florida after my dads retirement helps them forget what they did to me, but they are able to blame me so they can have a relationship with my children.

When Dave had moved back to the area that we had met in a year later he stopped my visits again because he wanted to meet my husband that i had tried to reconcile with. I got married December 8 2011, and tried to reconcile in April 2012. I wanted to belong to something because two months before that me and Curtis had ended. I saw on his Facebook profile once that he claims it was attempted murder. I choked him but it was after 4 hours pleading with him to use his phone to call the mental health crisis line and talk to someone. Even tried pleading to call 911 and be taken to the hospital all in an attempt to talk to someone. I was not arrested but allowed to leave, the police made the decision for Sebastian to stay with Curtis. Keep in mind the police are not allowed to have any input and decide where a child goes. Thats for CYS and the judge of that county to decide. That happened a lot over the years, people stepping outside their role and making decisions they have no right to. After Curtis left he went back to Clearfield county (Pennsylvania) with Sebastian and i never saw him again. I would learn a few months later he decided to move to Texas and no order was ever issued to allow that. Keep in mind the judge that was notified of the move was the same judge from Jefferson county who had been involved with my other custody case. I was so enraged about that and it would soon play another key part in my decision making, what I felt I was allowed to do because that judge had allowed one of my ex's to get away with it. It also would do the same with CYS, that would burn me.

It took me a few months after that to get back on my feet after literally losing everything. I got an apartment in February 2012, moving in with 3 bags of clothes and some hygiene supplies. If it wasn't for another tenants eviction and leaving essentials behind such as a furniture and housewares i would've been sitting and sleeping on the floor and not sure how i would've eaten. In June 2012 i went into another relationship and was somewhat happy. He was a porn addict i would quickly find out, but my kids were bonded to him and he was good to them. I trusted him with them so much so that when me and Dave had a court hearing and Medea had to be seen by her neurologist he took her, no one else could be bothered to help me. Then Dave moved again but this time he was slightly punished for 3 months until Judge St. John would hold a relocation hearing. Giving me custody of Medea and David, then giving them back to their dad. He won on the basis that he was solely required to do all transportation for the normal visit. Thats when he would get more ugly and vindictive in taking away things from me he knew i valued like the court ordered phone calls, weekly visits, and not bringing them after 9pm. Keep in mind this whole time i'm living without Sebastian and for sure have no clue where hes at outside a p.o. box he gave to judge Foradora from Jefferson county.

We would eventually go to trial for custody of Medea and David. In the beginning things were going good. For me not being a lawyer and all i had against me i gave his lawyer quite the go by challenging things he was questioning. I think Dave could sense that things weren't going well. They even got a Jefferson county CYS worker to testify how great of a father he is despite not complying with the family service plan. All the family service plan really had was basic stuff he had to do. David was being violent in school and had numerous suspensions (he was in kindergarten). Countless meeting were held at school & home, nothing came of it until the school demanded he was evaluated psychiatric ally. He stayed at the hospital for almost a month, i was so happy when he was discharged but things would get worse again. Sexual abuse allegations were made for the third time in January 2014, but this would be the first time they were made against me. This was also during the custody trial, but i plugged thru and continued my fight. I wanted custody! Medea's birthday was a week before the allegations were made and since they were against me i wasn't even allowed to send her a birthday card because that could be seen as intimidation. Everyone knew what he was doing, using the system in a sick way and nothing could be done about it. During all that happening my son David still needed to see a psychiatrist after the hospitalization and there was so little i could do, i wasn't allowed to have any contact with my kids because of the allegations. i would still call that CYS caseworker that testified at the custody trial and see what she was doing about it. My son not seeing the psychiatrist would be the grand fall from which i would loose all my rights with Medea and David. In February CYS sought out legal custody of Medea and David, leaving them to live with their dad since he was the more compliant parent! In march Medea would take her turn at the psychiatric hospital after making claims she thought about killing the kids at her dads house (all blame got put on me for that). Alot happened during that hospital stay. I'll never know but during a conference call with dad and CYS he said she wasn't accusing me of the abuse because i was in the room with her and he was on the phone unable to protect her.

One thing i did "bad" over the years was that i spoke my mind. It didn't matter if i was upset at CYS or a judge, i would tell them. They don't tell people its Ok to beat or neglect your kids as long as you are CYS compliant and generally liked by all parties. When CYS took legal custody i was infuriated, they testified that there is nothing they can do about the dad neglecting their medical and mental health needs then turn around and do this. I told them in several emails i would start to send them (i refused to talk to them on the phone, i wanted documented proof of what they were saying.). I pleaded with them to get Medea and David to the dentist, pediatrician, Medea's neurologist, David's psychiatrist, etc. The only thing they did was set up a psychiatrist appointment for both kids and would continue the dependency petition for several months. It wasn't until the custody case was transferred from Judge St. John in Mercer County to Judge Foradora in Jefferson county (their county) did they withdraw their petition and he was awarded full legal custody with their complete support as the compliant parent.

What completely ended it with Medea and David, was after CYS gave custody to Dave i was served from him for custody. Heres all he had to to do win, i was served at the address that i was living at and continue to live at, but then came the paper that i never got. The pretrial custody conference. I found out about it as i show on my website several months after it took place when the final order showed up to the right address. It worked for Curtis when he got custody because i failed to show up at court so they did it again and it worked, this time even though i had the means to travel out there and fight.