1. Current reform efforts are incorrectly focused on tinkering "within" a state alimony statute.
2. The correct reform effort should focus on challenging the validity (constitutionality) of the alimony statute.

3. Tinkering "within" the alimony statute requires persuading more than half of a state's legislators in BOTH houses AND a governor.
4. Successful tinkering "within" the alimony statute only positively effects future dissolution of marriage orders.

5. Challenging the constitutionality of the alimony statute only requires persuading one judge ...and then on appeal two judges.
6. Successful challenge to the constitutionality of the alimony statute positively effects ALL -past, present, and future-dissolution of marriage orders.

7. The arguments to challenge the constitutionality of an alimony statute are legally sound.
8. We will give (no charge) the legal arguments and writings to one who wishes/will challenge a state alimony statute.

9. It is far better to challenge the alimony statute as violating a state constitution.
10. It is more costly to challenge the alimony statute in federal court...and trickier.

11. One who makes the challenge must be prepared to follow through at the appellate court level --win or lose at the trial court level.
12. We can either post a short article on the legal argument...or provide it to members directly.

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