I am not a young mother with children.I am 62 & disabled. I was married 19 years. I owned a home, a car, had great credit, he had nothing. After the divorce, I am without a home, horrible credit and a 13 year old car that needs work. I was granted alimony and and a small settlement. He has not & will not follow court orders. He has NEVER complied. I ran out of money in the first year of this 6 year battle.I finally got a garnishment against him AND his company refuses to pay it. This company was just awarded for its work on federal government jobs. The jobs that they started after the recession to help people who had lost their job. He had lost his $100,000 yr job and was briefly on unemployment of $2000. He has to be making at least twice the amount ($100,000 in 2009) but he has lied that he has a salary of $2000 ( a month same as his unemployment of 2010). He is Sr. Project Manager on jobs that the lowest paid worker is paid $33 plus benefits . He was asked by the judge why he would work for so little money, he replied because I love my job. Seriously, I could NOT believe that the judge believed him. I have asked for a subpena of his work records and was told I CAN'T have that. So this company is getting millions of dollars from the federal government and not complying with garnishment. If I had small children, SSI would go after them. No children, no help. IT is ridiculous that he is in arrears of $90,000 and even though I have contacted government office after government office and nothing. i am living in a dangerous area, depressed, having to rely on city, county, state & federal funds to live. It makes no sense at all. This is going into the 7th year of the destruction of my life.